Keskiö Race Face BB92, 41mm/124mm/30mm, PressFit


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Pienempi 41mm:n ulkohalkaisija mutta 30mm:n akselille.
Paino : 63g
Kokonaispituus: 124mm

Race Face bottom brackets for use with 30mm spindle cranksets in the Race Face CINCH crank family.
Allows the use of a CINCH 30mm spindle crankset with Shimano press fit shells
Includes inner plastic sleeve and spacer additional BB fitments can be accommodated with CINCH spacer kits
Installed using a standard bearing press tool
Item Specifications
Weight 63
BB/Frame Interface BB86
BB/Frame Interface BB89.5
BB/Frame Interface BB92
Spindle Interface Type RaceFace Cinch 30mm
BB Shell Width 121
Defined Color Black
Bottom Bracket Shell I.D. 41