Juomapullo, Specialized Insulated Chromatek MFLO 2.0, 23OZ



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-Purist infusion shields the bottle from odor, stains, and mold to keep your water pure and your bottle clean.

-Chromatek™ liner keeps your liquids cold.

-Updated materials make for unmatched squeezability.

-Self-sealing Heart Valve™ delivers a high rate of flow with a 100% leak-proof design.

-No push or pull is required to open and close the Heart ValveTM.

-Easy-to-clean mouthpiece

-Redesigned grip pattern for a modernized look and ease of use.

-BPA-Free plastic is made from 100% FDA food- grade materials, and it’s printed with non-solvent base (UV Cured), CPSC-approved ink and materials.