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The Turbo Connect Display (TCD) display all your key ride and bike data right to your handlebar and provides you an immediate, intuitive overview on data like: Speed (current, max, average), distance, riding time, cadence, battery level, rider power, support mode, heart rate, average speed, clock. It also allows you to easily customize the 5 riding screens and the displayed data to your personal preferences. Next to our Mission Control App, the Specialized TCD is another great tool to personalize your Turbo experience.

Monochrome LCD display
Screen Size: Height (40mm), Width (35mm), Diagonal (52mm), Display (2 inches)
ANT+ & Bluetooth® modules for easy communication
2 different display mounts (short and long) for versatile mounting options. Display also fits other popular mounts.
Protection: IP67 standard
Compatibility: With all Turbo bikes that feature the Turbo Connect Unit (TCU).
Important notes: Please make sure that your Turbo runs on latest battery and motor firmware; display does not upload rides to third party platforms.