Paineilmasäiliö, Specialized Air Tool Blast Tubeless setter


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Paineilmapullo, johon pumpataan ilmaan. Kytkimestä ammutaan ilma ulos. Sopii kaikkiin venttiileihin.

The Air Tool Blast Tubeless Tire Setter makes seating tubeless tires a breeze. It’s bicycle-specific and works with your existing floor pump. It features a high-pressure tank that safely dumps a high volume of air into your road or mountain tubeless tire in seconds. This enables you to quickly and easily lock the beads into place for a proper seal without the risk of over-inflation. *Please note: There is a safety risk in using air compressors for seating tubeless tires. They are not made for bicycle tires.

Safely install tubeless tires without an air compressor.
Portable design blasts air into your tubeless tires for fast and easy set-up.
Works with road, mountain, and 6Fattie tubeless tires.
Inflate with a floor pump that has a pressure gauge, operating range of 100–140 PSI (7–9.5 BAR).
Safety valve protects canister from over inflation.